Natural Treatment of Pityriasis Rosea

Natural Treatment of Pityriasis Rosea

There are many medications that can reduce the rash irritation from the Pityriasis rosea. But none of them is going to cure the rash; they will only make it more bearable for the patient and less painful. Many people are not fans of the medical industry and pharmaceutical product so they would rather try to find help in natural medicine. There are some natural herbs that can help you with Pityriasis Rosea. We will tell you about some of them.

 Ayurvedic herbal medicines

Ayurvedic herbal medicines can reduce the rash as well as the itching to a considerable extent. Ayurvedic medicines also reduce the susceptibility of the skin to skin diseases, improves damage done to the skin, and brings about faster healing. Ayurvedic medicines also increase the immunity of the skin to prevent a recurrence of this and other skin problems. Also, Ayurvedic medicines may also be given to treat the generalized symptoms which accompany pityriasis rosea.

Local applications can also be used to soothe the rash, reduce the itching, and bring about a faster resolution of the skin condition. The advantage of using Ayurvedic herbal medicines in the treatment of pityriasis rosea is that these medicines also improve the strength and texture of the skin, boost both local as well as general immunity, and prevent recurrence not only of this condition but also of other skin conditions. Ayurvedic herbal medicines are safe for use and can be used both for adults as well as children. Ayurvedic herbal treatment is thus very effective in the management of pityriasis rosea. Reducing the rash will help you feel better until you are free of the rash. You should do anything that you can to reduce the pain and irritation from the rash. Make your problem as comfortable as possible. Natural products are your best bet make yourself feel better. Herbal treatment is also the safest way to treat Pityriasis rosea because natural treatments are the healthiest. So if you are willing to try the herbal treatment for Pityriasis Rosea try it because you don`t have anything to lose, you can only make yourself feel better.

Coconut Oil

To get relief from the itching and burning it is necessary to keep the skin calm and well moisturized. Take some pure coconut oil and rub it generously, all over the patches. Keep massaging for ten minutes so that the skin can absorb the oil.This message will instantly reduce the itching and bring relief in the pain. The anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of coconut oil will also take care of the virus and other microbes that may be present in the body. You should also take one tablespoon of coconut oil once daily.


Oatmeal has been used for centuries for healing and curing all kinds of skin diseases and disorders. Cook some oatmeal in enough water so that you can get a thick and mushy consistency.Cool, the cooked oatmeal and lather it well all over the patches. Let it dry on the skin. It will flake off on its own. Oatmeal will heal the skin rashes and provide tremendous relief in the itching.

Catechu Paste

Catechu has innumerable medicinal values. It has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine and is a prominent ingredient of paan. Buy some catechu paste from any paan shop.Apply the paste all over the rashes and leave it to dry. Its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cooling properties will soothe the irritated skin and bring considerable relief in the itching.

Aloe Vera

Remove the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf and rub it three or four times a day, all over the affected parts. Aloe vera will soothe the itching and will also combat the virus and any other infection as well.

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