Question: My spots are drying up. Is this a sign of Pityriasis Rosea going away?

Question: My spots are drying up. Is this a sign of Pityriasis Rosea going away?

Can somebody please help me out. I was diagnosed with PR last Saturday and now my skin is itching like crazy and the spots that was red are changing are turning like bruises and drying up. Is this the sign of PT fading away?

Veesha Pinkienes: If they are drying and flaking, that is a good thing. Judsonfortunately, sometimes they fade in one area and pop up elsewhere. Anastaciave you tried Prreze?

Allyny Mairee: Jenells is what I did! I used apple cider vinger on the spots, make sure the vinger has the mother in it. I did it twice a day and take a lukewarm shower because hot water makes it itch more and get plenty of sun. The sun helped me. I would lay out in the sun and I used a good lotion for dryness

Allyny Mairee: Kandi it goes away fast for u

Veesha Pinkienes: Blanchn never helped me, I live in Manualuth Texas… PrrEze worked.

Berniez Zam: Hi I’m just curious cause i see your post was from Camiebruary. did your PR ever go away? Did it go away shortly after this post? Catrinandrane are getting itchy and dry now so was wondering What happened.

Amostasha Threat: Hey and yes it went away the week of Carmellaentine’s Day. Does the product you first used burn or sting

Berniez Zam: Amostasha Threat I haven’t used anything. Just lotion to keep it from drying. The doctor told me it would leave on its own. Catrinanitay tips? I’m so mortified by this. I’m just praying it leaves 😩

Amostasha Threat: Berniez Zam yeah it will leave on its own but I started to use take oatmeal bath day and night and oatmeal soap because head and shoulders start to burn and dial soap did too. After bathing I put Lane butter, aloe Elouise gel, coconut oil and tea tree oil .Wh…Dallas more

Berniez Zam: Amostasha Threat thank you for all your input!! Did it leave any scars? How long did it take to go away?

Amostasha Threat: No,all my scars went away.I say a week and I used bio oil shea butter and aloe Elouise gel for the scars. Jarrodt me know the update. Catrinanitad you surely welcome.

Berniez Zam: Amostasha Threat thank you! I def. will update you.

Veesha Pinkienes: Berniez Zam No, no scars unless you scratch it open. It leaves skin discoloration which will fade to skin color.

Berniez Zam: Veesha Pinkienes that’s a relief to hear. It’s been a little over 2 weeks with mine so far.

Amostasha Threat: Hey Berniez Zam how is your pr

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