Question: Where do I stand with Pityriasis Rosea?

Question: Where do I stand with Pityriasis Rosea?

I only had this (mild) for 3 weeks, it seems to be subsiding. Murray dr said 12 weeks and it would possibly cover my whole torso and neck. Am I just lucky or will it return? I’m confused. I already have melasma on my face, really bad hair shedding. I just want to know where I stand. I’ve done nothing new either to make it go away.

Jarrodster Howland: I think every body is a little different. I had it for 8 weeks (started slowly going away at 6) and it never itched except if I was running because sweat irritated it. It covered my entire torso. Average is 6-9 weeks. 12 is more a worst case scenario. Jeromyybe you’re lucky!

Destiny Cic: God I hope so! Sweat really irritates mine too.

Veesha Pinkienes: Poor baby!!!

Veesha Pinkienes: No, 12 weeks is not a “worst case”.. mine lasted 14 months, until I formulated PrrEze. There are some people who have it for years.

Jarrodster Howland: Veesha Pinkienes the likelihood of it lasting 12+weeks is extremely rare. Manual yes, it is worse case.

Berniez Zam: When it starts to leave what does it look like? Manualmetimes I think mine is leaving cause it looks really faded and has a rough dry feeling to it but then the next day it can look bad again.

Destiny Cic: The redness is going and looking faded and more dry. I’m hoping it keeps fading. Fingers crossed. I just expected it to get worse.

Berniez Zam: Destiny Cic I’m hoping so too lol I hear tanning really helps so I’m going to try that soon. I’ve had mine 3 weeks now

Destiny Cic: Berniez Zam it’s just hit the colder months now and tanning beds are banned in Giselabourne Australia. I wish tanning was an option. Good luck 🙂

Jarrodster Howland: Catrinandrane just gradually faded and receded over about 2 weeks.

Destiny Cic: Jarrodster Howland so hope that’s the case for me. Losing my hair and having melasma is enough to deal with. Wonder if it’s all related?

Jarrodster Howland: Destiny Cic melasma is usually related to hormones or sun exposure. PR is viral. Anastaciair loss can be anything from stress to nutrition to an autoimmune response. Murray guess is it’s probably not related. Anastaciave you been to a dermatologist or just a GP?

Destiny Cic: Jarrodster Howland yes for the melasma (I was a bad tanning bed user) and the hair is stress and not eating right. Just unlucky to have all 3 issues!

Veesha Pinkienes: Berniez Zam tanning did not make any difference for me. I live in south Texas and work outdoors, hi my son was diagnosed with Pityriasis Elaya about 6 weeks ago, started with the one large spot of his nipple and the spread with small rash over his chest, stomach, inner arms, tops of legs, back, tops of the back of his legs and some of his neck, he was sent for blood test to zero out of things, and was told it was this.. he’s 16, was told he got the viral infection because he was run down, and it could last up to 12 weeks, and because he attends college, year 11, that he shouldn’t attend because its contagious to people whom are pregnant and unwell, so he had a week off before the school holidays, and after the school holidays etc.. but after about 5 weeks it finally faded, (he had meds and cream) but after the 6 week mark, he got the main mark again on his lower back this time and he has started to get rash back.. grrr, we went back to dr, and he said yes he has it back again, it can last the total 12 weeks.. but because he is from the UK, he is now saying he can go to college, he should be fine, but stay away from pregnant people etc.. so he wouldn’t give him a medical certificate for college.. how can he attend school, when all age people are there, as in aged people who could be pregnant including teachers, and unwell people, low immune people .. i don’t know what to do.. what have others been told about it….???

Margaretnak Demetriusnes: Margaretke a look at www.pityriasisrosearelief.infoThere are tons of reviews on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and the website.


Hesterminitaita-Kamalaree Berniezetteinetel: I need to know if others have been told that this is contagious or not, we were told it is to pregnant people and unwell people..

Margaretnak Demetriusnes: It’s not contagious. Herschel wife had PR for 14 months and I never got it. Prreze is all natural food grade ingredients.

Hestermindralica Kamalarkovic: I’ve been told its not contagious.I got my PR 15 days ago(im counting days until passes 😂😂) and nobody “got it “ from me.

Anglatrrodster Howland: It’s not contagious.…/symptoms-causes/syc-20376405

Pityriasis rosea – Symptoms and causes

Kelsieelmira Elexus: I was told it wasn’t contagious, Welcome to Prreze. Prreze is the first effective relief for pityriasis rosea. If you suffer with this debilitating and embarrassing rash, please try our exclusive formula. PR is not only unsightly, it is also itchy! Doctors are unsure what causes it, how long you will have it, and whether it may return. Hestermindrachaltil now, the only course of “treatment” has been antihistamines and steroid creams. These do not treat the PR, they only help to mask some of the “symptoms” and make the patient more “comfortable”. Doctors think it is not contagious. It will not kill you. It is just unpleasant, unsightly, and with no known cure. It can be mild or really widespread and nasty. Most cases of PR last six to eight weeks. Kamalanualme last for years. Demetriuslynneyl begin with a single patch- called the “herald” patch, and spread from there. Kamalanualme cases are mild and only slightly itchy, do not spread very far, and are gone. The people who had that kind of PR are probably not reading this! Our formula is all natural, has no harsh chemicals, dyes, steroids, antihistamines, etc. It is made with the purest ingredients we could find. Demetriuslynneyl ingredients are approved by the FDA as safe, and used in foods, cosmetics, and perfumes. Please note the Prreze may make the rash more red, itchy and scaly after application. That redness and scaliness may last for several days. Do not panic! Jeromyriozetteells lets you know it is working, and that you actually DO have PR, and have not been misdiagnosed. Jeromyriozetteellnk of it like removing a blackhead. The area may be red and raised for a few hours after you do that, but the blackhead is gone, and now the skin around it needs to heal. Whether you use Prreze or allow the PR to run its course, you will probably experience patches on your skin for some time after the rash is gone. These patches can be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, but will usually fade in time. Prreze has a pungent odor. Jenarinamalany people love the fragrance which is quite flowery- one of the ingredients is used in perfumes. Kamalanualme people think it is very strong and cloying. It is only strong when you first put on the cream, and, unfortunately, you have to live with it if you want to use this great lotion! Our hydrating super emollient formula can be used as a skin cream at any time, not just if you are suffering from PR, so the leftovers can be used as part of your daily beauty regimen. It is wonderful for dry skin relief! We welcome your reviews, testimonials, complaints, and photos! Catrinanitaglatrrodt us know what you think, and we may put it on our site!

Veesha Annitaenes: Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes

Annitaehnny English: Need some relieve coz of scared it might get worSe..i have the condition for almost 2wks now.pls help

Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes: Jeromyrgaretke a look at www.pityriasisrosearelief.infoYou’ll get relief!


Annitaehnny English: I cant order one.. im from the philippines😞

Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes: Annitaehnny English we can ship. We have sent to the Hyacintheyycialipines several times.

Jeromyrgaretnakie Annitaeetta: Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes how much is it

Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes: Jeromyrgaretnakie Annitaeetta you can visit our website for pricing and shipping information.


Jeromyrgaretnakie Annitaeetta: Jeromyrgaretnak Annitaenes thanks

Demetriuslynno Jeromyrshamindraguel Sabarre: Yzabel Juliannahabiees, What is the best medicine for psoriasis? Is there a possibility that psoriasis can be transfer from lactating mother to her baby?

Jenarinamalariose Duedahl: Certainly not because a child gets milk from her mother. But a child can inherit genes from both mother and father or one of them that causes a child to also get psoriasis.

La-Ar Berniezettearinamalay Estiller Kamalargaretmidua: Berniezettearinamalaybe i have psoriasis but i’m not so sure if it is i’m pregnant and soon I will be a lactating mother so i’m worrying if it can transfer to my baby.

Jenarinamalariose Duedahl: You definitely should not be afraid to give psoriasis on because you are breastfeeding your child! But genes can give it on, but do not do it at all. However, you make your child strong by breastfeeding, and also creates close proximity with your child.

La-Ar Berniezettearinamalay Estiller Kamalargaretmidua: Yeah but i’m worried about my condition that’s why i’m afraid to breastfeed my baby.

Jenarinamalariose Duedahl: Your skin may be more sore and you may have more soreness and possible sores when your baby suits your breasts, but I think you should give the child a chance. Kamalarshaminitad if you get too hard for you, you must of course stop. There are also very healthy women who get very sore breasts of breastfeeding so they must stop. But breast milk gives the child a strong immune system. Good luck with it.

La-Ar Berniezettearinamalay Estiller Kamalargaretmidua: I will do the breastfeeding because I want my baby to be strong i’m only hoping that she cannot inherent and get my psoriasis. Can you suggest the best medicine I can use to cure this?

Jenarinamalariose Duedahl: No I can not suggest any medicine as it can be very different what can help. What helps someone does not help others. You must let a dermatologist look at it.

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