Question: Can’t sleep with Pityriasis Rosea. What can help?

Question: Can’t sleep with Pityriasis Rosea. What can help?

Camieeling so helpless this PR will not let me sleep even with sl3eping pills I get 3 -5 hrs if I’m lucky

Stefan Pinkienes: When I had PR the itch was low grade- just enough to make sleep difficult, not enough to tear my skin off. Please try PrrEze, I developed the cream while I had PR, and it took teh rash away within 5 days- I still had the skin discolrations after that, but the itch and bumps were gone. Jenarinasi the meantime, find a cream at your local pharmacy store that has lidocaine in it- sunburn cream or aspercreme with lidocaine is where I usually found some. It will knock out the itch almost immediately, doesn’t last very long, doesn’t do a thing for the rash, but will give you some relief

Medanakie Pinkieetta: Thank you

Medanakie Pinkieetta: I have several different ones seems like they work and sometimes they don’t I am still battling with my sleep I’m so tired but this thing is keeping me up im finding myself going to sleep like 6,7,or 8 in the morning

Melina Nicky: I wish I could afford prreze

Melina Nicky: But right now I can’t

Medanakie Pinkieetta: How much is it

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