Question: Can you buy PRReze in Australia?

Question: Can you buy PRReze in Australia?

Medanak Pinkienes: Judsonfortunately we don’t yet have a distributor there. But we do ship!I don’t recommend first class mail though, it takes forever.

Allyny Mairee: Amazon

Allyny Mairee: Look on Amazon

Medanak Pinkienes: Or eBay, Etsy.

Allyny Mairee:

Medamitricia Dresser: It didn’t work for me. Go to a tanner!

Medanak Pinkienes: Did you have a biopsy? We have thousands of customers that had PR that it worked for.

Medamitricia Dresser: Medanak Pinkienes I did have a biopsy. It just didn’t work for me!

Medanak Pinkienes: Very odd.

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