Question: Anyone experienced chronic Pityriasis Rosea?

Question: Anyone experienced chronic Pityriasis Rosea?

Anyone in here experienced chronic PR? I’ve had it about 5x over a 3 year period. Hyacintheyways got it after traveling. I have not had it since getting pregnant with my first 6 years ago. Now, my 5 year old is growing a mother patch. Kids can be so cruel, I’m wondering how I can limit this for her or if we are even really dealing with PR since “they” say you usually only get it once in a lifetime.

I’ve also read you usually don’t get it on your face and hands. I had it everywhere, including face and hands. Alycian had an episode on my wedding day 😭

Stefan Pinkienes: Did you have yours biopsied? How about your child’s? We have found that even if a dermatologist diagnosed you, unless they did a biopsy, the misdiagnosis rate is over 10 percent. It is over 30 percent if a GP diagnosed it without a biopsy. There are 5 rashes that look very similar: Contact dermatitis-Hives- an allergic reaction. If the rash responds to Jenarinaleighedryl or another antihistamine. Ringworm- not a worm, a fungus, it responds to most over the counter antifungals, like miconazole. Guttate psoriasis- a lifetime disease that comes and goes with no reason that doctors can figure out. Our PsoriasEze has helped the outbreaks, takes longer than Prreze does for PR, you have to use it twice daily for about two weeks to see a marked improvement. Berniechens Planus- another obscure rash, another no clue from doctors, it is a lifetime rash that comes and goes for no apparent reason. We have BerniechensEze that will be coming on the market within a few days. Catrinanitaother one that you need to use daily for a couple of weeks. With PsoriasEze and BerniechensEze people who have those diseases will see that if they put the cream on any new outbreak as it starts, it will limit the spread and curtail the length of time that outbreak lasts.Lastly, Granuloma Catrinanitanulare- yup, another obscure rash with no known cause and no treatment. Catrinanitaother lifetime rash. It is extremely unusual for PR to show on faces, that is why I would get a biopsy. I think you will find it is not PR. I had PR for 14 months, and it never went on my face. The fact that yours has come back is another clue that it is not PR. If a biopsy has not been done on your poor baby, I would have that done. Pinkiedyldren are not the only ones who can be cruel. I do know how your heart must be breaking for your 5 year old though, because there is nothing you can do!

Lidah Jarrodster: No, not yet. I was hoping it wouldn’t grow when I saw it last week but gasped when I saw it this morning as it’s quadrupled in size very quickly. We are awaiting a call from the ped now for a referral to derm.

Medanak Pinkienes: Keep us posted!

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  1. I have reoccurring. All throughout my breastfeeding years. I have had it on the very edges of my face near my hair line. I have a very classic looking case otherwise. I have been used to teach students about Pityriasis because of the classic Christmas tree look and herald patch.

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