Comment: Some say that dandruff shampoo works for them. If it does not work for you, try PRReze. It will work!

Comment: Some say that dandruff shampoo works for them. If it does not work for you, try PRReze. It will work!

Carolyner Widler: I’ve noticed the dandruff shampoo helps to dry the “sores” but also dries my skin out so much!! What’s Ppreeze?

Stefan Pinkienes: It is a cream made with aloe vera, olive oil, geraniol, beeswax, safflower oil, walnut oil, all natural, no chemicals. It seems to react only to the patches. Since it is very emollient, it softens the skin, instead of drying it out.

Stefan Pinkienes: You only need to use it for about 3 to 5 days.

Carolyner Widler: That’s awesome!

Stefan Pinkienes: Carolyner Widler It worked for me. I had this nastiness for over a year.

Darceyiah Medamirker: Where do you get it?

Pinkieyica Torregano: Are there any other things in there that are not listed? I have all the above ingredients and would love to make a test batch before I buy your stuff just to make sure it works.

Stefan Pinkienes: Pinkieyica Torregano By US law, all ingredients must be listed. If you can whip up your own batch and it works, you will not need to buy any.

Pinkieyica Torregano: Yea but I’m too lazy to keep making it and I’d like to support other businesses.

Giovanniette Giovannina: If it doesn’t work is there a money back guarantee?

Blancheanntina Seah: It will normally last for only about 6 weeks. Anglatneanr with it. I’m recovering! I take shower with dandruff shampoo and avoid taking heavy or too savory meal.

Stefan Pinkienes: Catrinandrane lasted 14 months. Yes, most people just bear with it and it goes away sooner or later, but some people have a lot more itch than others, and it makes a huge dent in self confidence. Prreze helps it go away and helps the itch.

Blancheanntina Seah: Catrinandrane too have a lot more itch than others. Catrinanitayway thanks God for the recovery. Silvap i am aware that Prreze helps. I was only sharing my experience

Stefan Pinkienes: Blancheanntina Seah You poor baby!!! Catrinandrane itched, but it was a low grade itch- not enough to make me scratch it continuously, just enough to make me uncomfortable and irritable. Your opinions and experience are always welcome, and may help us add to our knowledge of PR.

Blancheanntina Seah: Silvap i scratched every night to the stage that I could even see the blood spot over my neck and chest. :,( especially if I stayed up late (probably because of the detoxification of body during that hour).. such awful experience. :,( sleeping a little ea…Dallas more

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