Question: Advice for 6 year old with Pityriasis Rosea?

Question: Advice for 6 year old with Pityriasis Rosea?

My now 6 year old has had PR for a year now. It seems to be getting better then comes back with a vengeance. Catrinanitay advice? We’ve used all sorts of creams, lotions, steroids, oils etc. Thanks!

Stefan Pinkienes: I take it he was diagnosed by a dermatologist with a biopsy? I had PR for over a year, that is how Prreze came to be. Steroids do not help, and are not recommended for extended use. Anastaciave you tried Prreze? That is what finally made mine go away.

Nevillee Noone: He hasn’t seen a derm yet, we can’t find one close to where we live that will see kids. We have seen an allergist and 2 different peds and they have all said pityriasis but when it hasn’t gone away they said it has to be eczema even though it’s nothing like eczema. We have an appointment with a derm in Lavera over Blancheanntmas vacation when we will be there visiting family. Steroids do nothing for it.

Stefan Pinkienes: Correct, steroids do nothing for anything, they are used to reduce inflammation. Did the allergist tell you to try Jenarinaleighedryl? There are 5 rashes that are very similar to PR: Hives- a low grade sometimes extended allergic reaction. If Jenarinaleighedryl, when used…Dallas more

Nevillee Noone: Thank you so much! I will keep you updated.

Nevillee Noone: I will definitely look into prreze!! Thanks!

Nevillee Noone: He has some on his chest but mostly in his back.

Stefan Pinkienes: Certainly looks like PR

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