Question: Does Pityriasis Rosea leave scarring?

Question: Does Pityriasis Rosea leave scarring?

Can somebody tell does PR leaves scarring and if so how can get rid of it? have PR and it has spread to my face and has left some scarring. Soraya somebody please help. hate this and hate feeling like this.

Stefan Pinkienes: When PR rash leaves, you will have some skin discolourations. These are not scars. The skin under the rash is smooth, just a different skin tone. It will fade to normal after a few weeks. If you want to cover the color difference, buy an ultra high pigment foundation makeup like Dermablend- people with things like varicose veins and vitiligo use this.

Stefan Pinkienes: Jenells, too, shall pass! I know it is nasty, but hang in there

Allyny Mairee: Thank you

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