What are the signs of Pityriasis-Rosea healing?

What are the signs of Pityriasis-Rosea healing?

Titus Zimmerman: i THINK scaly spots….also the spots starting to peel. The spots should also start becoming lighter. I’m black so my spots were darker colored but for lighter skin people the spots that are red will probably become lighter I believe.

Aiden Baker: That’s right. Also, you will probably develope more spots.

Maci Russell: I’m fully covered right now it’s hideous!

Jimena Walsh: Mine have gotten scaly and a lot lighter. And my red polka dots are disappearing

Lilliana Dunn: Oddly enough, it just started to fade. Took about a week or more to completely go away.

Alice Cobb: mine got scaley and a little shiny

Maci Russell: Did any of you notice flakes as you took your clothes off? (I know TMI sorry)

Alice Cobb: Not really that I remember. I used a lot of moisturizer at that point, thinking if it got dry and itchy it would be worse. By the time it turned scaley and shiny, it disappeared completely in like 4 more days.

Erick Hunter: Yes

Erick Hunter: Yes, I had flakes as I’m starting to heal

Maci Russell: This is what it looks like on some parts now… What does this mean, or am I just wishfully thinking?

Titus Zimmerman: I think it looks like it’s healing

Maci Russell: Really? Omg I sure hope so!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Myles Berry: Some start out looking like a ringworm.

Brody Owen: I still getting new spots every couple days, but most of the only ones are starting to fade and peel and the new ones don’t grow much and aren’t very dark.

Titus Zimmerman: Same here! I haven’t gotten a new one in a couple of days now. Hopefully they all go away

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  1. I’ve had it for about a month now. Started out small, then the ring showed up. Followed by a bunch more. Bounced around to doctors, specialist told me it was PR. Anyway, been a month. Spots come and go. Seems to heal faster. But this morning ALOT came back. I feel like wrapping myself into a blanket burrito forever. Making it to work, full covered. But want to avoid all social events right now. Just can’t wait for it to be over.

  2. I suffered PRR 6th of march that day i god the big patch and after couple of day it starts spreading and now its been 4 weeks and scaly most of spots starts to peel but still now im getting new patches and they are so itchy why is that still im getting new patches can someone help me

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