What is the best way to stop Pityriasis Rosea?

What is the best way to stop Pityriasis Rosea?

Help please what is the best way to stop Pityriasis Rosea Help?

Alondra Stephens: For me.. NO stress, eat clean, cut down on alcohol, and most of all.. TANNING BED! I’m an aesthetician and I’m very against tanning beds but it seriously made mine go away after having it for 9 months!!

Brielle Fowler: thank you for the infos

Brielle Fowler: but what did you use? some medicines vitamins etc..?

Alondra Stephens: Brielle Fowler: no medicine. There isn’t a medicine for PR.

Brielle Fowler: Alondra Stephens: In Philippines we dont need tanning beds it was too hot here

Brielle Fowler: Some says take Vitamins D or rays from the sun?

Alondra Stephens: Brielle Fowler: laying in the sun will help also!!

Brielle Fowler: Can i Add you? so i can easily message if i need some questions

Brielle Fowler: Is Head and Shoulder Useful?

Jayceon Anderson: When you tan did you use a lotion? Or just normal skin in the bed?

Alondra Stephens: Anytime I was stressed I would have spots come back up!! So take care of yourself!

Brielle Fowler: thank you

Helen Vasquez: Tanning. I have never used a sunbed before but after going 3 times for just 3 mins mine had really faded. I’ve been 6 times now and it’s almost gone. Wish I’d had the guts to go sooner. Stress does make it come back up… I’ve had a lot of stress with work and a degree course I’m doing and had new spots come up on my legs so have book a couple more sunbeds. Just need the time to go haha Good luck

Jesse Kennedy: Sun bathing in early morning.

Brielle Fowler: Shane are you from the phillipines?

Jesse Kennedy: Pm moko t

Emily Rice: Az ido !!

Nathan Manning: The best way to learn is to read through the posts and comments of this website. All these questions have been answered many times by many people.

Emiliano Rogers: That’s not always easy, there are many ppl who will just respond

Nathan Manning: Yes, I know. We keep responding because we want to help, but it’s not “easy” to just make other people retype the same information. Newcomers can easily read the posts and find similar questions.

Emiliano Rogers: Nathan Manning: that’s an assumption that its easy. Some ppl are not fb savvy, English may not be their first language, also sometimes theres ppl with more info or a different perspective

Aleena Underwood: Sun beds are the only thing that takes it away

Emiliano Rogers: Vitamin D, sun bathing or UV tanning. Immune boosting vitamins. AND TIME

Gemma Stanley: Tanning bed

Ophelia Mccoy: Prreze lotion, on amazon and designed to help with PR, and a tanning bed for me. The combination of the two really helped.

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  1. Sun. Cleared up my face almost instantly. Using glaxol based cream is working for me to. New spots are still appearing but existing Spots are not as visible.

  2. Hi, I am having for first time PR, well, some doctors , recommended to take aciclovir, but I saw no changes I am already almost 1 month with this, and worried because I see is not getting better, other dermatologist, told me to stop talking aciclovir, and just to wait, how long this will be??? I am having tanning in sun, not too long, just healthy time, and also using CBD cream, to see if there is any improvement, trying meditation to avoid stress…. For those people who sñready experience PR , can Tello me how is the development of the PR, when can I understand the PR is starting to leave… The big folicules, are añready turning white… I tried to see more information about the process of PR, but there is not information, or a lot of different information….

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